Kolbe Y™ Index

If you’re here to take the Kolbe Y Index (or get the Parent Guide) you need to have a valid coupon to do so.

“After we found out our Kolbe Results, my daughter, and I accepted that we simply had different ways of doing things. Our Relationship and her confidence began to improve immediately.”

— Martha Beck, Ph.D., Life Coach and NY Times best-selling author


For more resources designed to serve youth, Kolbe Corp has partnered with Kathy Kolbe and Dynamynd, Inc. Kathy Kolbe has developed a new assessment for kids called the Student Aptitude™ Quiz to help students discover their Authentic Abilities. This assessment for 11-17 year-olds provides immediate, individualized results they can access at any time.

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We used to offer the Kolbe Y Index, but we offer the Student Aptitude Quiz now. The Kolbe Y Index and accompanying Parent Guide are no longer available for purchase.