Kolbe Y™ Index & Student Aptitude™ Quiz FAQs

Will I be able to access the Kolbe Y™ Index and Parent Guide credits that I’ve already purchased in my WWA account (If you were previously authorized)?

Yes. You will still have access to credits you’ve alreadrchay pModuleused.

Will I be able to access the Kolbe Y Index and Parent Guide coupons that I’ve already purchased on Kolbe.com?

Yes. You will still have access to coupons you’ve already purchased.

Will I be able to access the Kolbe Y and Parent Guide results that are already in my Kolbe.com account?

Yes. You will still have access to all of the results that are already in your account.

Why are we taking the Kolbe Y Index off the market? Is it not valid anymore?

We’re offering the SAQ because it incorporates Kathy Kolbe’s latest work on identifying conative strengths in kids. We’re no longer offering the Kolbe Y index because the SAQ is the preferred assessment. For those who already have a Kolbe Y index result it remains available, is still a great way for kids to better understand themselves, and remains valid.

Will I be able to purchase Parent Guides for existing Kolbe Y results on Kolbe.com?

No, the Parent Guide is no longer available for purchase on Kolbe.com.

Does the Parent Guide work with the Student Aptitude Quiz?

No, it’s possible that could change in the future, but there are not currently plans to do so.

How much does the Student Aptitude Quiz cost for the individual student?


What does the Student Aptitude Quiz measure?

Students’ Authentic Abilities – their bottom-line conative strength. Students receive their MO, as well as a description for each Authentic Ability – and tons of tips and tricks.

How long does it take?

About 15 minutes.

Is the conative part of the Student Aptitude Quiz the same as the Kolbe Y™ Index?

It is similar, and both were developed by Kathy Kolbe, but they are not the same. The Student Aptitude Quiz is validated for students middle school and up. Also, the Student Aptitude Quiz can be used by older students, people in college for example, where the Kolbe Y may not be appropriate. The Kolbe Y Index was for children with at least a 4th grade reading level through 18 years old.

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