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Becoming a Kolbe Certified™ Consultant  | July 17th at 12 PM ET 

Master the People Part of Your Business

with Kolbe and Strategic Coach

Here's the Key to Sustainable Performance:

Using Kolbe Indexes and our comprehensive system gives you immediately actionable advice to build high-performing teams, supercharge individual performance, and bring the right people into your organization.  Start by getting a Kolbe A™ Index for everyone on your team. Then invite a Kolbe Expert to host an event and put your strengths to work.

The Kolbe System™

  • A simple process for sustainable team performance
  • Immediately actionable advice for leaders and team members
  • The only assessments that measure instinctive strengths

Do More, More Naturally

"The day I got my Kolbe results was one of the most liberating days of my life. My productivity shot through the roof!" - Dan Sullivan, Co-Founder, Strategic Coach

A team member looking at other teams members with their Kolbe A Index result bar charts as part of a 90 minute team webinar

START HERE: Kolbe for Strategic Coach Members

  • First, you’ll want everybody on your team to take Kolbe A Indexes, so you know everyone’s strengths when you’re building out a self-managing team.

  • You’ll also want to get a report to use those strengths to improve team collaboration and a team workshop hosted by a Kolbe expert so you can maximize your team’s productivity.

Exclusive CoachCon Specials

Buy Kolbe A Index Credits for Your Team & Host an Interactive Webinar


Buy a 5 Pack of Kolbe A Index credits for your team.

  • Includes 1 FREE Kolbe Coaching Report
  • Get immediately actionable advice
  • Identify how each person naturally takes action
  • Learn how to focus your time and energy


Identify what a job demands and whether a candidate's strengths will make them succssful

  • Kolbe A™ and Kolbe C™ Indexes
  • Range of Success™ Report
  • 30-Minute Coaching Session for Hiring Manager

[FREE CHAPTER] Do More, More Naturally

The new book from David Kolbe and Amy Bruske is the pain-free performance handbook your business has been waiting for!

We’re giving CoachCon attendees the opportunity to get an exclusive look at the first chapter of the book! Click below to claim yours, and click here to PRE-ORDER the book for your Kindle.

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[PODCAST] Find Your Natural Strengths and Build a Team Around Them, with Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach®

David Kolbe sits down with renowned entrepreneur and coach, Dan Sullivan, to discuss the impact of Kolbe on personal and professional growth. Dan shares his experiences with the transformative power of the Kolbe A™Index, reflects on his coaching career and the importance of understanding clients’ Kolbe profiles to tailor workshops and facilitate better communication.
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