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Student Aptitude™ Quiz

To help students discover their Authentic Abilities, this assessment for students from middle school to college-age provides immediate, individualized results they can access at any time.

This 15-minute assessment reveals the instinctive talents that drive the way a student takes action in school and beyond. 

Student Aptitude Quiz™ identifies and celebrates students’ Authentic Abilities. This validated assessment has been proven to increase self-efficacy, decrease stress, and maximize productivity. 

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Current undergraduate, high school, and middle school students receive immediate, individualized results they can access at any time. Every result includes descriptions of the student’s innate, unchanging Authentic Abilities and tips and tricks for how to best use them. 

Additional reports are available to provide in-depth information on: 

  • Studying and Test-Taking 
  • Stress Management 
  • Parent Support 

“"Kolbe helps youth 'story their lives into existence' by giving them an accurate language to describe what is most fundamental to them. It validates who they are and fosters a sense of dignity, worthiness, and love.””

— Courtney Osterfelt, Director, The Launch Pad (A Non-Profit Teen Center)

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