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Conative Tests

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What is Conation and How do You Measure it?

Conative assessments show actions derived from instinct; purposeful modes of striving, volition, and conscious efforts to carry out self-determined acts.  The Kolbe Indexes are the only validated conative assessments available and are based on over 35 years of research. They are designed to measure the conative faculty of the mind — the actions you take that result from your natural instincts. The Kolbe A™ Index need only be taken once since these innate abilities do not change over time.

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Kolbe Indexes identify an individual’s natural talents, the instinctive method of operation (MO) that enable a person to be productive. Different assessments are available for children and adults to help people understand themselves better and improve their lives. Kolbe Indexes are widely used in both educational and business settings. Teachers and students use the information to improve communication and their work in the classroom. Businesses apply the Index results to improve employee development, team management and hiring.


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