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2021 Conative Excellence Awards Winners Announced

November 01, 2021

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After a months-long nomination, application, and interview process, Kolbe Corp is excited to announce the winners of this year’s Conative Excellence Awards!

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Kolbe Professional Award: for Individual Leadership in Building Conative Excellence

This award honors a Kolbe Certified™ Consultant who has developed a high level of expertise in Kolbe Theory and has used Kolbe products and methodologies to impact organizations and/or individuals.

2021 Winner
Don Cooper, CEO – Chief Entrepreneurial Officer

Innovator Industrial Services, Inc.

Don has redesigned the company’s interview and selection process using the Dynamynd® interview, and RightFit software. Since making this change they have 100% retention.  He used Kolbe to find missing methods that were bringing performance down, and design creative solutions.  He’s also used Kolbe with the firm’s clients, from recruiting, to leadership development to succession planning.

Kolbe Enterprise Award: For Organizational Leadership in Building Conative Excellence

This award honors a company for using Kolbe Solutions to make a difference in their organization with demonstrable results.

2021 Winner


Law Firm Consultants

Crisp uses Kolbe with everyone inside the company, and its clients. There are 10 Kolbe Certified Consultants, spearheaded by Jessica Mogill, Crisp has brought Kolbe in to the selection and placement of all new hires, as well as the role alignment for existing team members.  They use Kolbe to place clients with the right team inside Crisp and show those clients how to use Kolbe for selection and role alignment in their own firms.

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