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June 03, 2022

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If your team is missing some key elements like innovation, it may just be an issue with collaboration and putting the right strengths in the right position to succeed.

Shelley Moore has been a Kolbe Certified Consultant for nearly 25 years. In 2020, she won the Kolbe Professional Award for Individual Leadership in Building Conative Excellence. The following case study helps demonstrate how Shelley is able to transform organizations through her use of the Kolbe System™.

GOAL: Overcome Stagnated Growth

Daman Products, a manufacturer and designer of hydraulic valve manifolds and related items, struggled to grow and innovate. The team rarely developed and executed new product ideas, resulting in a significant lack of competitive additions to their offerings. CEO Larry Davis became increasingly aware of his leadership team’s inability to start or finish new projects, so he reached out to Kolbe Certified Consultant Shelley Moore for help. Through her company, Insight Strategic Concepts®, Moore used The Kolbe System to identify the instinctive strengths of Daman’s employees, optimize their team performance and ultimately make a creative move that transformed the company.

Identifying Strengths of the Team

To start, Shelley used Kolbe A™ Indexes to identify the leadership team’s strengths, followed by Kolbe B™ Indexes to detect areas of conflict and stress. She found that the team’s instinctive strengths were heavily skewed toward research, strategy, and organization. This process also revealed a significant insight: only 20% of the management team instinctively innovated or promoted new ideas. Put another   way: 80% of decision-makers at Daman naturally took action by sticking with the status quo and resisting change — a massive barrier to growth!

An Optimized and Realigned Team

“They realized they were just getting bogged down by their cumulative Fact Finding and Follow Thru instincts,” Shelley noted, “and it wasn’t getting them to where they needed to be.”  So, Daman Products combined talents within their management team to form a new sub-team with greater synergy.

The team started to meet every three weeks, focusing on new product development, prioritizing project next steps, and pushing a sense of urgency to discover the details of new product opportunities.

Since the reorganization, the Daman Products Creative Team has launched a variety of new products that have significantly increased their sales.  In fact, they have far surpassed their initial goals, with new product revenue of $4 million and counting.

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